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There is considerable concern among investors today about the security of their wealth. They have experienced the dangers of complacency and the need for a healthy dose of skepticism. In ever greater numbers they are taking back their future and securing their wealth by buying gold bars.

Once thought to be infallible, the great Western economies are in serious peril. More and more resources are being drained from productive sectors, where real wealth is created, and squandered on servicing burgeoning debt.

The threat to household wealth is real and ominous, but for every threat there is a countermeasure, and in every threat there is opportunity. Investments in gold bars have proven countless times to not only secure wealth under the most severe economic conditions, but also to afford the means to capitalize on those conditions.

The Protection of Gold Bar Investments

Since the earliest days of commerce, gold has secured the wealth of nations and individuals through nearly every political, social, and economic calamity. The reason for that is simple, a common thread that runs through all such events: the collapse of paper currency.

When a currency fails, all assets tied to that currency will naturally fail as well. Gold, on the other hand, has been consistently valued independent of currency throughout history. In a very real sense, gold sets the value of currency.

When a currency falls in value, the price of gold in that currency will rise to compensate. An investment in gold bars to protect against declining traditional asset values is always prudent. Under adverse conditions such as the current economic crisis, a substantial investment in gold bars is imperative.

Potential For Profit

While the gold price invariably rises in response to declining currency and government interventions, quantitative easing and unrealistic caps on interest distort the picture and are apt to delay the response. The markets, however, will ultimately prevail.

The gold price has struggled against such restraints for more than a year. Consequently, according to many experts, gold is now significantly undervalued and is overdue for a major correction. A repeat of the surge in gold prices that followed the 2008 crash is widely expected in the near future.

Between 2008 and 2011, gold investments averaged annual returns of nearly 23%. The accumulated growth over the period was more than 225%. While it is impossible to predict exactly when the next surge in the gold price will occur, or how high it will rise, the prospects for substantial profits from an investment in gold bars are unusually good today.

The window of opportunity to capitalize on the current economic situation is likely to be short-lived. Historically, individual investors wait until a correction is well under way before they buy gold, and then they do so en masse. This sets off a brief period of rapidly rising gold prices, slamming the door on the opportunity to buy.

Buy Low, Sell High

Everyone knows that maxim, so why do individual investors fail to heed it when buying gold? They lack the confidence to take action in what they perceive to be a mysterious and unfamiliar market.

To derive maximum short-term profit from gold, investors cannot rely on chance or wait to see what other investors are doing. They must be aggressively proactive, taking into account these four major considerations:

  • Timing. Buying gold before a correction begins and selling at the optimal time is the key to realizing maximum profit. Most household investors will need to partner with a dealer who has an impeccable reputation, extensive knowledge of the gold market, a proven track record spanning at least 10 years, and unwavering commitment to your success.
  • Liquidity. Maximum profit demands maximum liquidity; the assurance that your investment can be cashed in at precisely the right moment. Although gold bullion bars are extremely liquid worldwide, finding a dealer who will buy back your investment for the going price at any time is well worth the effort.
  • Security. The long-running bull market in gold has introduced numerous new gold dealers, many of whom are of questionable integrity and several that are outright fraudsters. The risk is especially high when buying from online auctions and mail order companies. To ensure you never receive fake gold, choose only a dealer who is highly knowledgeable of today’s sophisticated counterfeiting techniques and who has implemented state-of-the-art security measures and procedures to thwart them.
  • Price. The premium you pay for gold will directly affect your profits. Bars have the lowest premium over the spot price of all gold products, but only a dealer with long-standing high-volume trade and minimal overhead can ensure that you pay the lowest possible price for your gold bullion bars.

Buy Only The Best Gold Bars

There is no added premium to buy gold bullion bars from the most recognized and respected producers; any appearance otherwise should be taken as a warning. “Generic” brands of gold have no cost advantage over the highly honored marks and they are a prime target for counterfeiters.

These four producers are widely considered to be the best of the best, and a market-leading dealer will have an inventory sufficient to meet any investment need:

  • Credit Suisse. Highly regarded for consistently superior quality and backed by one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, Credit Suisse gold bars are the first choice for millions of investors.
  • PAMP Suisse. PAMP is an acronym for the French Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, which translates to “artistic precious metals products.” Fittingly, PAMP Suisse gold bullion bars feature attractive designs on the reverse, one of the many reasons that PAMP produces more than half of the world’s small gold bullion bars.
  • Johnson Matthey. Produced by a founding member of the London Gold Fixing, JohnsonMatthey has earned long-standing respect and recognition around the world.
  • Sunshine Minting. Though best known for their silver bullion – Sunshine is the primary supplier of silver blanks to the U. S. Mint – the company is also highly regarded for the quality of their gold products. Sunshine Mint produces a broad range of gold bars ranging in purity from 0.7500 fine to investment grade 0.9999 fine.

Buying only the best gold bars assures you maximum liquidity. Choosing the right dealer will take care of the rest.

Buy Gold Bars Only From The Best

There is no lack of places to buy gold bars these days. There are even vending machines, the first of which in America was installed in Boca Raton, FL. However, for the reasons given above, among many others, you should consider only a dealer with an untarnished reputation who has been a true market leader for a minimum of 10 years.

Such a dealer will not burden investors with added premiums to pay for expensive high-visibility ad campaigns featuring well-know personalities. Avoid any dealer who “guarantees” returns, promises a risk-free investment, or pressures you to buy without full disclosure of the transaction – especially the final price you will pay to have the gold bars in your hands.


The past few years have been particularly trying for the average American, and there seems to be no relief in sight. We ask only to be led forward to a better future and some peace of mind in knowing that what we have worked for all of our lives will not be lost along the way, yet no one has risen to take the lead, or so it appears to those whose glass is half empty.

Our individual futures, however, are nothing more and nothing less than a result of what we do today. We need only to accept the current situation for what it is and make the most of it. Investing in gold bars cannot fix the world’s problems, but it can ensure safe passage through them. And you may very well come out ahead.

It is well worth the time to learn all that you can about gold investments. A great place to start is to read our “2013 Insider’s Guide To Gold Investing,” which you can receive free of charge by clicking here.

A diligent search for an investment partner who will stand by your side every step of the way is even more important. We would like you to join the growing family of satisfied household investors who have come to rely on us for their gold investment needs, and we welcome your questions and concerns. Give us a call today at 1-800-425-5672 and tell us how we can be of service to you.

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